The Smokey Carter Gin Botanicals Infusion Tube

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A collection of classic botanicals to garnish gin and tonic and infuse your own gin at home.

Shortlisted for Gift of The Year 2020

The perfect gift for gin lovers this Christmas.

Included in the gift tube;

Juniper Berries 30g, Pink Peppercorns and Hibiscus 20g, Rose Petals 8g,

Cardamom Pods and Coriander Seeds 30g, Star Anise 20g

Please Note - (Kilner Jar, ice molds and cocktail glasses not included)

These botanicals can be used in a variety of ways;

Simply add your choice of botanicals as a garnish for your favourite gin and tonic or cocktail. This will delicately flavour the drink, make it look the part and create a moorish aroma.


Infuse a bottle of gin with your chosen botanicals and leave for at least 48 hours for the delicious flavours to penetrate the gin. Experiment with different blends using as few or as many botanicals as you wish.

Try the botanicals in ice cube molds and have colourful botanical infused ice cubes to wow your guests.

Mix and match the botanicals to taste. We’ve already paired some and have provided serving quantities below as a guide.

made from:

This gift set includes 5 different tubs;

Juniper Berries 30g - Adds a mild bittersweet and spicy taste. The main botanical in all gin. Serving - 3-5 berries to suit your taste.

Pink Peppercorns and Orange Peel 30g - Adds fruity, spicy notes with a zesty fresh sweet orange finish. Serving - Use 4-6 peppercorns and 2-4 pieces of orange peel.

Rose Petals 8g - Adds sweet floral notes and an attractive colour. Serving - Use a pinch or two to suit your taste.

Cardamom Pods and Coriander Seeds 30g - Adds a distinct heady aroma with a sweet and spicy flavour. Serving - Use 1-2 cardamom pods and 3-5 coriander seeds. Gently squeeze between your fingers before adding, to release the natural oils and flavours.

Star Anise 20g - Adds spicy asian aromatics and licorice notes. Serving - Use 1-2 peices to suit your taste.


Leave the botanicals to infuse in your drink for 2-3 minutes before drinking.

Tube length 29cm x 7.6cm diameter.