Tiptree Jam Jar Cocktail Gin

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Bring the feeling of a countryside pub into your own back garden.

These delightful jam jar cocktails, made by Tiptree, offer a great way to while away a few hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Supplied with a miniature 5cl bottle of your chosen spirit, all you need to add is some ice and your mixer of choice.

Perfect on its own as a small treat or as part of a hamper! English Strawberry is both a low-growing, flowering plant and also the name of the fruit that it produces. Strawberries are soft, sweet, bright red berries. They're also delicious. Strawberries have tiny edible seeds, which grow all over their surface.


      28% VOL 0.7 units per 25ml 9.8 units per bottle


Fill the jam jar with plenty of ice. Add the miniature gin liqueur bottle. Top up with Prosecco, Elderflower Presse, or your favourite fizzy mixer. Garnish with fruit and mint. Pop in a straw, sip, and enjoy