Now where did I read that ?!

Now where did I read that ?!

With sooooo many apps to message on, it can be extremely hard to find a message again once you've read it. If you are anything like me, you'll need to read it again. But just where is it ?

   *   Did you read it in your email inbox, or maybe messenger on Facebook.

   *   Was it an Insta chat - but which Insta page was it on. How many Insta                  pages do you have?!

   *   Was is just a plain old text message. How very last year !!

   *   I know, it must have been a Whattsap message. Oh my goodness, was it in         a group chat or just a person. Which person ?

   *   Was it snapchat. Don't be silly, I'm too old for that. 

We are literally bombarded with apps and platforms to chat on, with new ones still being created. Don't even get me started on Clubhouse. 

Why do we need so many. Why has no-one brought them all together under one app. Maybe they have and I just haven't found it yet. 

Life used to be so much simpler when we just had the one phone in the hallway to chat on. 



You received information through the letterbox in the form of a letter. You kept a diary to write notes in. Or, if you had lots of notes like I used to need to keep as reminders, you popped them on a post-it note and plastered your wall with them !!

So, why do we need so many ways to communicate, which makes it so hard to remember where we read something. I even find myself starting a conversation one way, then continuing on a different platform when I cant remember where it went. Confusing for both parties involved in the conversation. 

I found a number of articles on this topic, but no clear solutions. Sadly I don't have the answer, or the skills to create a solution.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has found anything which will combine all my messages into one place so I can find what I'm looking for. 

 #help #messages #toomanyplatforms 

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