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We are literally bombarded with apps and platforms to chat on, with new ones still being created. Don't even get me started on Clubhouse. 

Why do we need so many. Why has no-one brought them all together under one app. Maybe they have and I just haven't found it yet. 

Life used to be so much simpler when we just had the one phone in the hallway to chat on. 

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I have worked with corporate individuals, young people with learning disabilities, older people living with dementia. I've been a single parent whilst still running two businesses. And now, I have the experience of living through a pandemic. So, at nearly 50 years old, am I still relevant ?

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As a small business owner with both a physical shop and an online store I could really do with being able to see into the future !!

Will people shop local and support the small independent shops once we are all able to re-open ?

Will small businesses survive the pandemic and rise like a phoenix from this Lockdown ?

Is Totally Locally Shop Online one solution that might help the small independent businesses across the UK. 

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We've had a chance to speak with Nicola from Three's Company and to hear about the new hampers that they're planning. Tell us about Three's Company, your fab business in Leigh Road Thank you very much for your interest. Three's Company is a family run business which I operate on a day-to-day business with my daughter Charlotte. Pre-Covid we were a cafe and my future son-in-law was also part of the team - hence the three of us forming Three's Company. Due to the covid restrictions we decided to take the business forward in a new direction, selling gifts and...

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